Become a “Hoodie”
Are you at least 17 years old and yearning to be physically active and outdoors? Are you physically strong (able to regularly raise 100 pounds) as well as proficient using tools and numbers and are you eager to put in the effort in a team-based environment? Do you have good hand-eye coordination , and an unwavering focus on precision and detail? Are you trying to make a career out of bricklaying, or maybe acquire skills that can assist you in improving your bricklaying abilities? Are you in school and learning the basics of masonry, and you are looking to test the techniques you're learning in a work scenario? If so, then you're the ideal person to be able to provide your assistance as an aid to bricklayers! In the United States, around 25 percent of bricklayers work for themselves and you might soon be one of the majority! In a large portion part of United States as well as the world there has been a significant growth in construction activities. There are many opportunities opening up as workers leave or shift jobs. According to numerous sources, there is an "skills shortage" and they claim it is due to a huge shortage of skilled tradesmen available for hire. They complain about the amount of time they are hoodies forced to spend waiting for someone to be ready to start working on their project! Companies in the construction industry of every size are seeking competent masons and bricklayers. Contractors in bricklaying are searching for individuals to do subcontracting work. Bricklayers construct and repair chimneys, fireplaces Smoke stacks, arches foundations, walls and other structures with a variety of materials like brick, terracotta, concrete, cinder block marble, and other. They usually work in teams of one assistant for each bricklayer. In the majority of cases the bricklayer's assistant's primary duties are regarded as "heavy work" and their tasks usually involve taking and moving of bricks, using scaffolding, and mixing mortar and transporting it for bricklayers. The helpers are referred to in the industry as "brickies laborers" or "hoddies" or "hod carriers" (a brick hod is a tri-sided box used for carrying bricks, mortar or any other construction materials). Bricklayers generally attempt to lay at least 1000 bricks per day, so they would need to move minimum 2000 bricks per day to assist bricklayers keep a constant work pace. As the majority of brick masons, stonemasons, block masons learn their craft informally watching and learning from skilled workers, this kind of assistant position will place you in a great position to increase your knowledge of the field. A lot of professional bricklayers began their careers as helpers, laborers and mason tenders. They carry the scaffolding, transport materials, mixing mortar. If the chance arises they are taught by experienced craftsmen on who can put mortar on the ground, make bricks and block or put stone in place. When they have gained experience, they are able to make the leap to become full-time craftsmen. Experience as a bricklayer's assistant can assist you get an education in this field. This will help you get started earning a certificate as a journeyman , and earning even more cash! Five home business CD's just one dollar! and I'll deliver them to you at no cost ... 1.) Audio CD How to Make Money by Selling Popular Niche Information Products You can get for free. Value: $47.00 2.) Audio CD the Lost Video. Value: $39.00 3.) Music CD Strategies for Success Acquired. Value: $39.98 4.) DVD: Finding Red Hot Impulse Buyers and how you can earn Money by guiding them to find the answer they desperately want. Value: $49.00 5.) Business Start Up Power Pack CD with 9 business strategies you can start implementing today. Value $67.00  

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