What’s Right With This Picture?
Lunch at a restaurant with an acquaintance, on the spot and live. Restaurants with indoor seating and no masks are required for those who have had their vaccinations. OMG! After a year of home cooking (not much variety there), take-out (fun from time to time but not always) and the lust in front of Food Network re-runs, the trip to the restaurant was more than a welcome occasion. It was Nirvana. I couldn't help but overhear the conversation of the couple behind us. "They don't have anything I want," the woman groaned. "I thought you liked salmon," her friend replied. "Not grilled like that, it'll be all dry," the woman added. "Maybe you can ask them to poach it," her The Millionaire Drive scam friend suggested. "Fat chance," the woman suggested. "And what's with the waiter?" she added, "we've been here at least 15 minutes, and haven't seen hide nor hair of him since he plunked the water down. Which he spilled on the table, by the way - look at that!" No doubt the woman was right, at least in the majority of cases. What a great way to nuke an otherwise perfectly good experience! Instead of which she could have been focused her attention on "What's right with this picture?" It may not have changed the facts: perhaps the restaurant hadn't prepared her salmon in a different way, and the waiter might not have arrived at their table in the span of 15 hours, however it could have altered her impression of the facts. For more detail please visit:- https://goodnewssport.com Let's see. It was a restaurant and there was no food preparation to be done or dishes to wash. The menu was extensive, so lots of choices apart from salmon. There was a waiter willing to sit with them. The couple was sitting together, inside, with no masks, so... They could have been enjoying a conversation with each other. They might have enjoyed the simple fact of getting out into the world once more, given the past year of pandemics. Many things were "right" with their picture. Whatever your situation, no matter how you're escaping your COVID-restricted shell, try your best to look at "What's right with this picture." Your job might have been affected, you may have to adjust to changing work situations. Your children might be driving you mad by arguing about new school arrangements. You might be worried about what your peers will consider all the pandemic-related weight you've gained or lost. You may be confused on what to do next. How to return to normal family or couple or dating and what's normal in the first place? We are all in this together, more than ever before. One thing I'm sure of for certain, is that we could all benefit from a good amount of "What's right with this picture" when we look at our new world, our friends and co-workers and, yes, particularly and especially ourselves. Noelle Nelson, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and author of over 12 books, which include "I Survived COVID-19, What Now?! Finding Happiness and Success in a Post COVID World." She is focused on how people can live happy, fulfilling lives, Listen the podcast Up! Uplifting, Inspiring, Practical on Spotify and Google Podcasts.

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